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26 Apr 2016

We all know that the blue mountain coffee is one of the best and the most expensive coffee in the world. But in fact, there are only a very few real blue mountain coffee in the coffee market,lots of blue mountain coffee is fake. So, are you sure you are so lucky to enjoy the real mountain coffee? one way valve thinks coffee lovers should learn how to distinguish the whether the blue mountain coffee they drink is real of fake.

First of all, the blue mountain coffee do not has proprietary bands, an important standard to measure the quality of blue mountain coffee is the name of the coffee garden. Blue mountain is an area of Jamaica where produce coffee, the most famous garden produce top grade blue mountain coffee in Jamaica is Wallenford.

Blue mountain coffee can not be bough in the stores and the supermarkets, and can not be brought by the friends who come back from the abroad. Only some professional and conscientious roasters can offer the real blue mountain coffee.

The top grade blue mountain coffee is very expensive. Although some cheaper blue mountain coffee is produce in Jamaica,and it has higher quality than other specialty coffee,it’s not the real top blue mountain coffee because its producing area do not meet the high enough altitude.

The volume of the blue mountain coffee is far less than other coffee.In 1969,Jamaica get into trouble in producing coffee because of a strong typhoon,the UCC company of Japanese gave it a hand to over come the difficult.To thanks for Japanese’s help,Jamaica signed a contract with Japan in 1972 that Jamaica provide 90 percent of blue mountain coffee to Japan every year,and the rest 10 percent is sold in the market.So,it’s easier to enjoy real blue mountain coffee in Japan.That is said that most blue mountain coffee in the market is false.

For many coffee lovers,blue mountain coffee should not be blindly pursued.If they can’t distinguish the real and fake blue mountain coffee,it’s easy for them to drink the fake blue mountain coffee.Now the situation of blue mountain coffee in the market is very complicated.The so-called blend blue mountain coffee and blue mountain style in the market are fake,they are no related at all to the real blue mountain coffee.Some businesses use the best Columbia coffee bean to imitate the flavor of blue mountain coffee,and some businesses just use unknown coffee bean to simulate the blue mountain coffee and sold to people at a high price.

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Originally published 26 Apr 2016, updated 26 Apr 2016.


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