one way valve said civet coffee

one way valve said civet coffee

Before talking about Civet coffee,let me share a joke with you first.Every time we have single origin coffee in our time,we would guest which kind of coffee it is.As usual,we guested the coffee we were drinking is from which kind of coffee bean,when I spoke out the right answer,civet coffee,a new colleague was surprised,”so,I am eating the dropping!”She said.Yes,we are drinking the dropping,from civet.It’s the most expensive coffee in the world.

How is the civet coffee produced?Civet coffee is from Indonesia in Sumatra,there is an animal called civet,it feeds on ripe coffee cherry.But,they can’t digest the coffee seed and passe it out with their dropping,actually the seed is coffee bean.These coffee bean shelled by civet digestive system is collected and processed by coffee farmer.After washing,sun drying,light roasting and brewing,these coffee bean become a special coffee with winey and chocolate taste while with less bitterness,it is widely famous for it’s special taste in the world.

When a thing is rare,it becomes precious.Due to the low production of civet coffee,it is very expensive,it usually sold at hundreds of dollars per pound.It has become a luxurious beverage around the world,it’s uncertain that you can taste the real civet coffee although you pay much money for it.

How does civet coffee taste?It taste less bitter and acidity,and more thickness,with stronger aroma.Some people think it has a light smell of dropping,maybe they think of the civet and its dropping when they were drinking civet coffee.Anyway,I can’t taste such a bad smell.

one way valve thinks civet coffee,has the special taste,made by a special way and owns a special position in the coffee market.Love it or hate it,it depends on different people.

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