one way valve said coffee knowledge

one way valve said coffee knowledge

Today, one way valve tells you six little knowledge about coffee:

1.Organic coffee. Do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers of organic cultivation of coffee, is organic coffee. The coffee industry now attaches importance to organic coffee in line with the principles of health.

2.Tasting coffee beans. I was curious, why coffee can drink, but coffee beans can not eat? In fact, coffee beans can be eaten, but the coffee beans have higher caffeine content. And baked coffee beans will be with a strong irritation. So it is recommended that people do not often drink coffee, children do not eat coffee beans is better.

3.Coffee fruit needs to be picked by hand. To create high quality coffee, you need to pick the coffee fruit by hand. Because even in the same tree, the maturity of coffee fruit is not necessarily the same. Therefore, even if the effort, but also need to carry out this work.

4.Coffee beans are the seeds of coffee fruit. In general, a fruit inside there are two seeds, the seeds separated from the fruit, remove the seeds are coffee beans.

5.Coffee is fragrant. After baking coffee beans will be distributed coffee aroma. If the coffee beans are not baked, there is no coffee fragrance.

6.The coffee tree is scared of the sun. Therefore, the coffee tree is generally planted in the banana trees and other tall trees next to.

One way exhaust valve on Harald coffee

19 Jun 2018

The one way exhaust valve knows that the Harald Heights in eastern Ethiopia is one of the highest elevation areas for human coffee planting.

One way degassing valve on Indonesian coffee

18 Jun 2018

One way degassing valve knows the Asian coffee has a higher alcohol thickness than South America and African beans.

One way degassing valve talks about cat shit coffee

17 Jun 2018

One way degassing valve learned that the official name of cat poop coffee is Kopi Luwak and the Kopi Luwak producted in Indonesia.

One way valve on French coffee culture

16 Jun 2018

One way valves know that French people drink coffee slowly, savor it carefully, they think it is a kind of enjoyment.