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08 Sep 2015

one way valve would like to tell you that there are various of types of coffee packaging in the market.Do not simply think that coffee packaging is only the different small bags you can see in the market.Factually,the world of coffee packaging is really wonderful.

Coffee packaging could be divided into three categories according to it’s different types of providing.They are green coffee bean packaging,roasted coffee packaging and soluble coffee packaging. So in these three types of coffee packaging, roasted coffee packaging was special. And how to keeping the roasted coffee well is need an very technical way.

Generally,roasted coffee packaging is divided into two categories.One is packaging with Tin Cans and the other is packaging with WOJIN Aluminum Foil Bag.The following are four types of packaging with Aluminum Foil Bag.

1.The gas tightness packaging

The gas tightness packaging actually is a temporary packaging that can only fresh coffee bean or ground coffee for a short time.

2.Vacuum packaging

The roasted coffee would be put into the bags after a period of time in order to avoid the negative effect to the bags from carbon dioxide.This kind of packaging can fresh coffee for ten weeks.

3.Packaging with WOJIN one way degassing valve

One way degassing valve is designed for coffee packaging to allow carbon dioxide inside escape from the bag while prevent oxygen enter the bag.This is widely used in coffee packaging.It can help to keep the freshness of coffee for six months.

4.Pressurized packaging

The roasted coffee would be put into the air-tight bags that with the venting inert gases as soon as possible.This kind of packaging can not only keep flavor and aroma of the coffee,but also avoid the effect from gas.But this

Nowadays,packing in Aluminum Foil Bag with WOJIN one way degassing valve is the most popular way for coffee packaging due to it’s low cost and high quality.So,it’s necessary to choose a good coffee valve to keep high quality of your coffee.

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Originally published 08 Sep 2015, updated 08 Sep 2015.


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