one way valve said flower coffee

one way valve said flower coffee

Clean air mixed with cold, with winter coming, the red maple leaf spread all over mountains, and golden yellow ginkgo leaves are gradually falling on the ground, the footsteps of winter brought a deep and steady feelings, and one way valve deems that winter is a beautiful season.

If summer at 37 degrees without ice coffee is not complete, then the cold winter without a cup of hot coffee and beautiful flowers that how to warm your cold hands and decorative beauty of life? In the morning, a cup of steaming hot coffee served with beautiful flowers, and then starts your work day. It seems that happiness will be accompanied by aroma of coffee and fresh taste of flowers spread.

There are many people like to drink latte and cappuccino in winter, actually they like the rich and sweet taste after milk and coffee blend together. Today we will introduce how to use the milk foam machine to make flower coffee which decorates the winter beauty.

Firstly, we need to use the pour over appliance to make out the coffee, and then pour the coffee into the coffee cup as the base. Besides, you can also use coffee machine to extract the espresso as the base.

Secondly, pouring the milk into the milk foam machine, then it will make out the good milk foam automatically.

Thirdly, pouring the milk foam into coffee surface to cover the coffee, until the milk foam full of the coffee cup, please make sure that the milk foam is smooth and balance.

Fourthly, using chocolate sauce and crochet draw the head of figure in the middle of the cup.

Fifth, continuing to use chocolate sauce and crochet draw the neck and shoulder part of figure.

Sixth, with purple edible pigment painting on the part of upper body, it presents a beautiful back.

Seventh, using a clip to put the flowers under the clothes finally, the flower joined together with clothes looks like a skirt, and then a cup of creative fancy coffee is done.

Do you need the coffee valve for your coffee product

28 Aug 2019

When you or your customer have high requirement on the coffee kit, please also remember to have your coffee bean packed with a coffee valve without filter.

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve two

27 Aug 2019

Brewing methods have different requirements on the powder thickness, exhaust valves without filter is suitable for whole-bean product that can be grinded at home.

Importance on choosing the right coffee valve one

26 Aug 2019

Brewing method and the storage condition are both affecting coffee taste, and the exhaust valve with filter installed on package is suitable for powdery product.

What one way degassing valve contributes on the quality of coffee

16 Jul 2019

We recommend you keep coffee beans in containers with one-way degassing valve, it helps to prevent quality change and to extend shelf life during ‘resting’.