one way valve said meditation and coffee

one way valve wants to share an article about meditation and coffee with everyone. In the past three years, I have insisted on meditation, the help of meditation has unconsciously become huge for me, it makes me calmer. Oh, no, it should be more rational and let me better to make out decisions. During the meditation process, collect good ideas and solve the difficulty in my life....

Then some questions come out, the meditation should take a seat, put some meditation music, learn how to quickly enter meditation, and it seems useful when you collect good ideas.

You may feel that caffeine can make people excited, and it's not conducive to the stability of meditation. However, after experiencing it personally, I discovered that it was the opposite. Caffeine made my attention more concentrate, especially when I was trying to calm my mind and adjust my thoughts. My willpower was more powerful and effective. Coffee and meditation seem to have nothing to do with each other, but unexpectedly it is a perfect combination. Perhaps it is the effect of caffeine makes meditation more effective.

After you have tasted the fragrant coffee, try to sit quietly in your seat. The long time you sit, the better. The first time you may only be able to sit for 5 minutes, but this is a good start. From 5 minutes to 10 minutes to 15 minutes, you will find that meditation as like coffee has become your habit. Drinking coffee always makes people happy, so there are many people love coffee, or you would say that they love it is caffeine, which can fresh their brains, swept away sleepy and distraction when meditation in the morning, and it will make meditation easier and relax.

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Originally published 01 May 2018, updated 01 May 2018.

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