one way valve said melbourne coffee

25 Jan 2018

Walking in the relaxed avenue, hearing the shout from restaurant owner with heavy Italian accent, one way valve tells you that Melbourne is the birthplace of coffee culture, and world-renowned. As early as the British colonial period, coffee has been brought into Australia. However, the British diet attitude has been seen, the coffee taste and workmanship were very rough at that time. It was only after World War II, a large number of Italian immigrants have poured into Australia that they brought their espresso and espresso machines to Australia. At that time, it’s the age of coffee in Australia. People said the place where the British chef cook is hell, while the Italian chef cook is paradise. The descendants of Italian immigrants settle down in the Carlton area, and via the hard work of several generations have made Melbourne become a well-known world coffee capital.

Since talking about culture, Melbourne's coffee is not only taste good. Coffee in Melbourne is not only just a drink, but also a tool of emotional exchanges between people. When you meet friends in Melbourne and the first sentence is to say "Do you want to have a cup of coffee?", and similar words include politeness, you will say "let we drink coffee together for another day." Office workers go out for lunch usually asks his colleague,” Do you want to bring a cup of coffee?”

Melbournian like to drink coffee at everywhere. In the morning, though the time is hasty, when they are sitting in a tram or train, their hands always hold a cup of coffee; no matter they are eating breakfast in downtown or browsing morning newspaper in the street restaurant, their hands also hold a cup of coffee; and even they have a dinner party with friends at weekend or waiting for someone at street corner, there always a cup of coffee in their hands.

one way valve said melbourne coffee

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Originally published 25 Jan 2018, updated 25 Jan 2018.


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