one way valve said preservation of coffee beans two

one way valve said preservation of coffee beans two

one way valve knows that people who love coffee, they always keep several kinds of coffee bean at home, but the preserve time of coffee beans is longer, they will face metamorphic problems, then how to preserve coffee beans has become a big problem for coffee lovers, today we will answer you how to solve this problem.

1. Place in the cool and dry place

The high temperature easily evaporates the aroma of coffee and the good material inside the coffee bean. Therefore, the coffee can or the coffee bag should be avoided in a high temperature environment, and it is best placed in a cool and dry place.

2. Refrigerate storage matters

The low temperature in the refrigerator can certainly slow down the natural metamorphic of coffee, and it is a good place to store coffee bean, but you should pay attention to the fact that the air in the refrigerator is cold and dry, otherwise, it is easy to evaporate the water inside the beans and cause the loss of scent. If there's too much clutter in the fridge, even if you put them into refrigerator, you still need to use sealed can or sealed bags to store coffee beans.

When the coffee beans are just taken out of the refrigerator, the temperature of the beans is too low, which will condense moisture in the air and form water droplets on the surface. After grinding, these water droplets will form a lump with coffee powder, resulting in uneven brewing. Therefore, the coffee beans should be taken out of the refrigerator before using, and after a portion of them are collected, the vacuum canister should be placed back to the refrigerator as soon as possible, and the coffee beans should be quickly ground and brewed. If the whole bag of coffee beans is no longer put back into the refrigerator, it should be taken out one hour before using, restored to room temperature, and then opened, so that the surface of the coffee beans will not condense droplets.

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