one way valve said the cause of coffee turbid

02 May 2018

It seems when to start, more and more people go to the coffee shop to taste coffee, it has become theirs daily matters. In fact, go to the coffee shop to taste coffee is not particularly important thing, but it seems to make you relax and calm down.

Some people like to talk business at coffee shop, manner and etiquette are important to them. Sometimes, it’s important to pay attention to the coffee traditional politeness. You cannot always hold a cup of coffee to run around the coffee shop, or hold the coffee in your hand all the time. Besides, do not add milk or sugar to others’ coffee without permission. When you are a guest of other people’s home, don’t pour coffee into coffee cup by yourself, and it should be done by hostess, because this is her obligations and rights.

Coffee is tasty that attribute to it’s warming friendship to customers. Using appreciative attitude to treat every cup of coffee, using generous spirit to treat everything, and do not live up to barista’s mind. These small behaviors will make you more culture. However, everyone's definition of good coffee is not the same, also the concentration and turbid are different as well. In general, there are several reasons to make coffee turbid, please see below:

◎Bad coffee beans

◎Bad roasted

◎Long storing time of coffee bean or grounding coffee

◎Brew surplus

one way valve tells you, put the coffee spoon into the coffee cup, spoon would reflect sparkle shine, then scoop a spoon and drop it back, you will found the coffee liquid forms the pearl shape which like jewel, slipping on the spoon surface, and this is called a glossy and with transparency coffee.

one way valve said the cause of coffee turbid

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Originally published 02 May 2018, updated 02 May 2018.


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