one way valve selfie latte art

one way valve selfie latte art

Look at the title,would you think that it’s unbelievable to make selfie as a kind of latte art? one way valve thinks coffee art becomes a new platform of narcissism.

Let’s talk about selfie first,mention to selfie,there are several questions I would like to ask you.Are you a selfie lover?How often do you take selfie?Do you like uploading and sharing your selfies to the internet?

With the scientific and technology progress,the smart phone is popular around the world.The smart phone bring a selfie wave,people like taking selfies and sharing their selfies to the internet,many politicians are no exception.Obama,the president of America took selfie when he attended the funeral of Nelson Mandela in South Africa.Obama’s wife,Michelle uploaded a selfie of herself and her lovely dog to the internet.The former secretary,Hillary also uploaded a selfie of herself and her daughter to the social network.

Why people like taking selfie and sharing it to the internet?Many people even are crazy on taking selfie?Maybe that’s because we are in a selfie times,a times is image times and visual times.When people share their selfies to some popular social networks like Facebook,Twitter or Instagram,they get many like and fans that lead to their self-awareness over expansion,so they would take more and more selfies.

America Psychiatric Association defined the phenomenon that people are addicted to taking selfie as an obsession called selfitis.The feature of this kind of obsession is the patient often want to take selfies and upload to the social to supply a gap of their self-esteem in the real life.

As far as I am concerned,people can get more self-confidence from selfies because more and more APPs that can make the picture more beautiful are invented,and many smart phone itself has the beautiful face function with the camera.So,we can noticed that most selfies are more beautiful than the real person.And it’s the instinct of human want to show the beautiful side to others,so they share their selfies to various of social networks.But to some extent,I think selfies actually is an expression of narcissism.

Now,people even express their narcissism in coffee field,selfie latte art was invented.Selfie latte art,are not made by the professional baristas,but a latte art printer.The latter art printer combine the 3D print technology and the ink jet system,it can print out various of different pictures naturally including the selfie that can provide the consumers a cup of capital narcissism.

Making selfie latte art with this kind of latte art printer is very easy.What the consumers need to do is log in the official website and upload their selfies to the printer,then put the milk foam coffee into the printer,a cup of unique narcissistic coffee is ready after 10 seconds.Besides,there are lots of interesting pictures offered the consumers to choose,but most would like to choose print their selfies as the unique latte art.

I don’t know the felling that drink the coffee with selfie,will the coffee be more tasty?If have a chance,have a try.

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