one way valve sexes battle about coffee

18 Nov 2015

one way valve sexes battle about coffee

one way valve would like to tell you since Jew Jacob from Lebanon opened a coffee shop for people who like new things in Oxford in 1650,coffee started to wrap around Britain like black flood.Before coffee occurred,the British were excessive drinking and dispirited.But this phenomenon altered after coffee invaded Britain,coffee shops were popular in Britain,lost of British were fascinated by coffee’s magical efficacy.

However,not all British love coffee especially women,the strongest attack to coffee shops was from women because they couldn’t freely enter the coffee shop as the women in other countries in Europe.In 1662,There was a drama called Women Complain Coffee Shop appeared in London,it was printed a lot and published.This drama described a dialogue of three women,they ironized coffee was a great invention of devil,the men stayed in the coffee shops for a whole day,then collapsed on the bed and slept after home.

After the middle 17th century,more and more coffee shops were opened in London,there were about three thousand coffee shops while the population was only six million,it means that average two to three hundred people with a coffee shop,so wine industry suffered a heavy toll.In 1674,many wine makers urged women to publish The Women Petition Against Coffee.The women said after drinking coffee,men lose their manliness and became physically disable,that’s because of bad smell and rough coffee.

What’s interesting was that men responded to this petition soon,they published The Men’s Answer To The Women Petition Against Coffee,they did their best to defend coffee,they said coffee did not make them become physically disable,but made them more energetic and powerful.

This is the funny battle of the sexes about coffee,we can know from that the different attitude of men and women in Britain three hundred years ago.But to be honest,if the coffee shops in London allowed women enter like Venice and Paris,there won’t be such a violent battle of the sexes.

Anyway,I think every beautiful thing should be share to everybody,whether they are men or women,or white or black,they have the same right to enjoy wonderful coffee that has fresh flavor and intoxicating aroma.

one way valve sexes battle about coffee
one way valve sexes battle about coffee
one way valve sexes battle about coffee
one way valve sexes battle about coffee

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Originally published 18 Nov 2015, updated 18 Nov 2015.


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