25 Sep 2015


Tea is the most popular beverage especially in China.Tea is historical and Chinese regard it as a traditional beverage.But it seems that it’s position is effected by coffee because coffee is more and more popular in China nowadays.Many people have a query that will coffee replace tea in the near future.

VOA has made a survey to search the answer.The survey shows that more and more Chinese is turning tea to coffee.Coffee is loved by most Chinese who have been lived abroad and live in big cities of China.In many big cities like Beijing and Shanghai,we can find coffee shops everywhere in the streets and lanes.That’s a terrible phenomenon.

The Coffee Industry Association in Beijing has ever published a massage.The message said that every Chinese drink 5 cups of coffee every year.This data is more lower than world average level of 240 cups.But it predicted that coffee drinking in Chinese will grow by 15% every year in the future.

Tea drinking has already become a part of culture of many Asian countries such as China,Japan,India and so on.Is this changing?Is the younger of Asia prefer coffee to tea?Will people abandon tea and love coffee only in the future?

It’s true that coffee is more and more popular in the world.But it’s hard to judge the situation of these two beverage in the future.No matter what happen,Tea still has great impact on people’s life and coffee also owns an important position in the world of beverage at present.Roasted coffee is in large demand and WOJIN one way valve and coffee packaging is your fresh coffee partner.


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Originally published 25 Sep 2015, updated 25 Sep 2015.


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