Recognize One Way Degassing Valve

06 Apr 2017

one way degassing valve is a functional packaging accessory, it mainly applied to all kinds of food packaging bag, storage bag, food preservation bag, coffee bag, microbial feed anaerobic fermentation bag, pet feed bag and other special needs of one way exhaust gas flexible packaging.

Recognize One Way Degassing Valve

There are five types of one way exhaust valve:

1. Model WJ1901 one way degassing valve: Diameter of 20mm, material of HEPE, with filter, be applicable to coffee powder, fermented feed and other powders.

2. Model WJ1902 one way degassing valve: Diameter of 20mm, material of HEPE, without filter, be applicable to coffee beans and other granules.

Recognize One Way Degassing Valve

Maybe you will ask: Why is there a few holes in the coffee bag? Actually that is installed one way degassing valve. Its role is discharging out the carbon dioxide which released from the baked coffee beans, avoid making coffee bag burst open. Secondly, it can prevent the outside air into the bag caused by oxidation of coffee beans deterioration,thus absolutely guarantee the coffee flavor unchanged.

Similarly, the reason of fermented feed bags need to be installed one way degassing valve is after the feed been produced completed, it will release much gas within a week, one way degassing valve can drain these gas out of the bag; Besides, the feed in fermentation time need to be isolated from the air, creating an anaerobic environment, one way degassing valve can block the outside air into the bag, so that there will be no secondary fermentation, resulting in feed moldy situation.

Recognize One Way Degassing Valve

one way degassing valve for plastic bags have an important role. If there is no one way degassing valve, the height of the cargo stack is difficult to increase, the stability will be reduced. The role of this valve lies in the residual air in the lower bag is discharged from the one way degassing valve under the weight of the cargo in the upper bag. one way degassing valve can make the plastic packaging bag impact resistance greatly improved. When carrying a bag filled with cargo, the plastic bag is easy to drop from the height, in order to reduce and avoid the resulting breakage caused by the drop, the plastic packaging bag must be installed one way degassing way.

Wojin’s one way degassing valve has high safety, its access to third-party authority of the food grade inspection report approved, materials meet the EU ROHS testing standards, in strict accordance with FDA food packaging materials requirements. What’s more, the valve with filter production line also introduced Japan's automatic production of lamination equipment, the product quality 100% pass requirements.

At the same time, the installation of one way degassing valve is also very convenient, 100% guaranteed to be fully used in full automatic packaging equipment, 100% achieve the effect of micro-pressure exhaust, 98% of the air barrier function. It will not only pass the equipment test at the factory, but also do the practical application test, place coffee beans in coffee bag with the one way degassing valve, personally taste and analyze the coffee flavor changes at any time.

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Originally published 06 Apr 2017, updated 06 Apr 2017.


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