relationtween Wojin fermented feed bag with one-way degassing valve and high efficiency respiratory membrane

relationtween Wojin fermented feed bag with one-way degassing valve and high efficiency respiratory membrane

Wojin fermented feed bag with one way degassing valve is equivalent to high efficiency respiratory membrane microbial fermentation technology. It is a kind of life breathing apparatus respiratory membrane, which can help the microbial beneficial bacteria to keep the active growth and metabolism and make the viable bacteria like lactobacillus and yeast maintained high activity in natural condition. Therefore, the fermented feed bag is an ingenious solution to the problem of microbial solid fermentation for heat dissipation and anaerobic control as well as the packaging, storage, transportation and stability.

The key of Wojin one-way fermentation bag is the use of life breathing apparatus for high activity microbial –“respiratory membrane” (one-way degassing valve plus fermented feed bag). One-way degassing valve can make live bacteria mainly including lactobacillus and yeast maintained their high activity in natural conditions for a longtime. The raw materials are sealed after inoculation and the fermentation is carried out in the packaging. During the fermentation process, once the gas produced by the microbes reaches the set pressure, it will be discharged through the one-way degassing valve. But the outside air can never get into the bag.

This kind of one-way degassing valve ensures that the environment in the packaging is free of oxygen and bacteria contamination. Not only the activity of microorganisms, but also the long-term storage and transportation of the product can be guaranteed. Obviously, this innovative technology of first packaging and then fermentation has solve the problems of heat dissipation by solid fermentation of microorganisms and anaerobic control as well as the packaging, storage, transportation and stability, greatly reducing the production cost of microorganism fermented feed and providing a necessary prerequisite for high dose addition of this product.

Wojin one-way degassing valve fermentation bag is made of PE composite PA, which has the characteristic of high transparency, good toughness, well heat-sealing effect and not easy to be broken. Traditionally, microorganism fermentation is usually made into product before packaging. The mobile anaerobic solid fermentation process of respiratory membrane is to design the packaging into small fermenter, adopting first packaging and then fermentation.

This set of one-way degassing valve device has creatively solved the technical problems such as gas control and contamination of mixed bacteria in fermentation process. During the fermentation process, the microorganisms will produce gases like carbon dioxide, making the inside pressure in the bag greater than outside atmospheric pressure. When the air pressure in the bag has reached a certain critical value the gas will be released through the one-way degassing valve. But the outside air never had the chance to enter into the fermented feed bag. Thus it has eliminated the interference of the outside environment.

Wojin fermentation bag with one-way degassing valve isa kind of green and environmental productwhich is non-toxic and tasteless and meets a criterion of state health standards. But through the fermentation bag with one-way degassing valve, iy can effectively degrade the cotton meal and other harmful substances. At normal temperature, storage of fermentation can degrade the rate of toxic and harmful substance to 70-80%. No negative effect was found in both piglets and fattened pigs after adding 15% cotton meal in the fermented feed.

Most of the raw materials in producing fermented feed contain a variety of microbes and among them, mold and bacteria are the main ones. Beneficial bacterium, while consuming oxygen, produces carbon dioxide which is expelled from the fermentation bag by the exhaust valve. In this process, the outside air can’t enter into the fermentation bag.

This technology can effectively solve the technical problems of temperature, humidity and PH value control in the process of microbial fermentation treatment of high nutritive factor agricultural by-products like cotton-seed meal and rapeseed meal and light industrial by-product like bean dregs, corn syrup, distillers’ grains, vinegar residue and fruit dregs, allowing the aerobic and anaerobic fermentation of microorganisms to occur in the same environment. The mixed of inoculated microbes is ingenious, which can effectively inhibit and kill Escherichia coli and salmonella as well as promote the rapid growth of lactic acid bacteria.

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Originally published 25 May 2018, updated 25 May 2018.

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