The collocation between aluminum foil bag and coffee degassing valve

07 Jun 2018

Many customers know that aluminum foil bag is a package bag which has a fancy appearance. Because the unique appearance, the aluminum foil bag not only promotes the level of goods, but also improves the display value of goods, which is widely used in brand and packaging of high grade goods.

Aluminum foil bag is also widely used in food and medical packaging. It effectively makes use of the characteristics of high temperature resistance and complete shading to make the cooking bag, including packing the cooked foods. Multi-layer laminated films are also used in food processing packaging like biscuits, desserts, beverages, coffee beans.

As a market leading, Wojin plastic production factory is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates production, processing, sales and trades. It not only leads the development trend of this production in the aluminum foil packaging industry, but also leads the plastic processing industry, majoring in the production of coffee degassing valve, aluminum foil bag, kraft paper bag and fermented feed bag. Wojin is the only manufacturer that focuses on the production of coffee degassing valve. Its materials are imported from the United States which have meet the EU standards.

When buying coffee beans, many customers often see a white valve inside the packaging with some holes around it. Now let’s give a brief introduction of this valve.

The white valve is one way degassing valve, also called coffee degassing valve. The bag that packs the coffee beans has a silver membrane, so what functions of this two things are?

Actually, the baked coffee will release the carbon dioxide naturally. If the gas were stayed in the packaging, the quality of the coffee beans would be influenced. Sealed and packed with an aluminum foil bag can avoid coffee oxidation to produce odors, affecting the quality of coffee because one way degassing valve can discharge the produced carbon dioxide out of the package.

The difference between one way degassing valve and other products is that one way degassing valve with filter can isolate the influence of powder material on degassing valve, release the gas out of the package and prevent the inside solid (including dust) from getting out at the same time, guaranteeing to keep the outside air out of the bag.

The silver fil is similar to tin foil material. We professionally call it aluminum foil. Aluminum foil bag has the function of dampproof, licifuge, obstruction and also avoid exposure to light and air resulting in the aroma and oxidation of the beans.

Aluminum foil bag with one way degassing valve help to keep the air out and keep the beans fresh. Therefore, the package of coffee beans should have both aluminum foil and one way degassing valve.

Wojin aluminum foil bag with one way degassing valve is the ideal storage for coffee beans and coffee powder, which adopts OPP28/AL7/PE65 composite material and have the function of water proof, oxygen isolation, shielding, dampproof, lucifuge and stab proof.

1. Shading and heat proof. It has metallic luster and does not absorb, which have reflection ability to heat and light. It is also well sealed. Metallic luster and reflectivity can increase the brightness of the printed color. Adopting multilayer making, the package is not easy to be broken and it plays a good moistureproof, antifouling effect.

2. Safety. It’s 100% non-toxic and tasteless environmental protection product, which in line with national health standards of aluminum foil bag.

3. it has isolation and strong protection and installs one way degassing valve. It is suitable for the use of all the products such as coffee beans, coffee powder, etc.

4. With one way degassing valve, we can conveniently choose the coffee. As long as we squeeze the packaging, we can choose the coffee that meets our tastes by smelling the aroma.

5. In a general sense, one way degassing valve has improved the shock-resistance ability of plastic packaging bag. When the packing bag full of goods falls from the height in the transportation, the inside gas can be discharged through the one way degassing valve, which can reduce the shock wave generated by residual air in the bag and reduce or avoid the resulting burst.

The collocation between aluminum foil bag and coffee degassing valve

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Originally published 07 Jun 2018, updated 07 Jun 2018.


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