The relation between one way degassing valve and package

05 Jun 2018

There are four main ways of storing coffee beans currently on the market. The first one is flexible non-air tight package which is the most economical kind of package. It’s usually used by small local bakeries so that they guarantee the quick delivery and the coffee beans can be consumed in time. But the coffee beans in this package will only be kept for a short time.

The second one is the air tight package. After filling the coffee, it will be vacuumed and sealed. Due to the carbon dioxide will be generated in the process of baking, this kind of packaging can only be done after the coffee has been degassed for a while, thus there is a storage interval of several days. The shelf time of coffee bean is longer than coffee powder. The cost of this package is low because there is no need for air separation during storage. The coffee under this packaging should be consumed in ten weeks.

The third is the one way degassing valve package. The baked coffee is packed in a designed packaging bag with one way degassing valve. The degassing valve allows air to go out, but it can’t come in. No separate storage stages are required but there is a little loss of flavor due to the venting process. The one way degassing valve package prevents the formation of putrescent, but doesn’t prevent the loss of aroma, which is the most used storage method on the market. Wojin plastic production factory is the manufacturer which major in the production of coffee degassing valve and valve pressing machine.

The forth is pressurized packaging, which is the most expensive and the coffee can be kept for two years. After a few minutes of baking, coffee can be vacuum-packed. Adding some insert gas and keeping proper pressure and the aroma flow over the fat, which improve the flavor of the drink.

Many customers ask why coffee beans are packed with the package with one way degassing valve.

1. The baked coffee is sealed with the aluminum foil bag, which can avoid the coffee bean contact with light and air, resulting in the fragrance quickly emanation and oxidation.

2. Coffee package with one way degassing valve can prevent the light and air from entering into the bag and the coffee beans can be kept fresh and original in the best state of preservation and packaging.

3. The baked coffee will release carbon dioxide naturally. If it were stayed in the package bag, the quality of coffee would be influenced. But the one way degassing valve equipped on the package bag can discharge the excess gas and when choosing coffee, you can squeeze the package and smell the aroma.

The package is designed with a double layer of the thin-film valve on the sealing of the packaging bag. After filling the baked beans, the carbon dioxide produced by the baked beans will be discharged from the valve and the outer gas can’t enter the bag, which can effectively keep the original aroma and essence of roasted coffee beans. This is currently the most recommended way of packaging roasted coffee beans, and you should also try to choose coffee products with such packaging.

General speaking, the coffee degassing valve only let the air go but don’t let in. The baked coffee will generate carbon dioxide which should be slowly discharged. The one way degassing valve is encapsulated on the top of the coffee bag and the holes are punched in the surface of the bag where the one way degassing valve is located. The carbon dioxide released by the coffee beans is automatically discharged out of the bag but outside air can’t enter the bag. It effectively guarantees the dry and mellow flavor of coffee beans. It does cause the bags to go up because of the carbon dioxide buildup, which also prevents the coffee beans from getting into the air from the outside and speed up oxidation.

Now one way degassing has the perfect advantage mainly majoring in packaging, shopping malls, supermarkets, clothing, electronics, toys, ironware, industry, cosmetics, daily chemicals supplies, gifts, food, tea, coffee, fermented feed and other markets.

The relation between one way degassing valve and package

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Originally published 05 Jun 2018, updated 05 Jun 2018.


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