The value of one way valve and storage of coffee bean

01 Jun 2019

Currently, coffee bean business would use either bag or jar as a storage container for its coffee beans in order to transport, carry and then display the coffee bean easily and nicely.

When people selling the coffee bean, or to build an atmosphere in the café, they tend to link with the concept of environmental-friendly, natural or recyclable, thus, the paper bag or nice-designed plastic bag become popular choices on keeping the coffee bean. For a consumer, a bag filling with coffee bean is easy to carry, also, with the one way valve on the bag, it is convenient for consumer to know about the smell and flavour of the coffee bean. Yet, have you ever noticed about the value of one way valve for the coffee bean? It is a basic component on a coffee package bag, or a coffee bean jar, and the one way valve contributes on keeping the original flavour and freshness of coffee bean even it is not very obvious sometimes. Since the carbon dioxide will generate from coffee bean after it has been roasted, the package needs to allow the carbon dioxide to emit but at the same time the package itself should ensure the freshness and original taste of the coffee bean. Therefore, a one way valve can satisfy these needs suitably.

Coffee culture is not only about the method to make coffee, neither the quality, but also relates to all steps that farmers, coffee bean company, coffee roaster and coffee barista to consider about and prepare for. You will never know how much those people have considered for behind a bag of coffee bean, which is to provide consumer an opportunity to taste the freshest and full of aromatic coffee. Also, to ensure the original taste and smell of coffee bean would maximise its reputation on particular character that the coffee bean has.

In general, there are two types of coffee beans- Arabica and Robusta, the biggest planting country for Arabica is Brazil, and Colombia only plants the Arabica. For Robusta, the biggest planting country is in Vietnam, while African countries and India also have Robusta. Nevertheless, China is also another main planting country for coffee bean gradually. So, what is the difference between Arabica and Robusta? The price of Arabica is higher than Robusta, from the perspective of taste, Arabica is softer while Robusta is bitter, besides, Arabica has more taste on fruit and would be sweeter. The content of caffeine in Robusta is two times higher than that of Arabica. Different kinds of coffee beans are meeting different kinds of consumer need and more importantly, the planting time of Arabica is longer than Robusta. For instance, most of instant coffee is making from the Robusta coffee bean due to lower the cost. Usually, Arabica coffee bean which reaches to speciality level will be used to make hand craft coffee and siphon pot coffee while a mix of Arabica and Robusta will be used to make espresso in order to highlight the body of coffee.

However, we cannot only judge the quality of a cup of coffee solely from its variety, that is, a good type of Robusta can have higher quality and nicer taste than a worse quality of Arabica. Also, there are also other types of coffee beans can be chosen from, including Java, Kona and Sumatra. Believe us or not, it will be an incredible experience journey once you started to explore in the world of coffee- you will find that there is always something new to know and learn about.

More detailed, here we will recommend two kinds of coffee beans which are common in the café, also, they would be some suitable coffee flavours to make you have further understanding on coffee except for the commercial coffee chain- Starbucks, Costa and the Pacific.

First of all, Yirgacheffe is one of typical coffee bean belongs to Arabica, which has a typical taste and smell of floral, lemon and citron. Usually, we would prefer this kind of coffee bean with light roasting or medium roasting, in order to highlight the characteristic of floral and fruity. Yirgacheffe is originally from a town called Yirgacheffe, and the area that this town belongs to is one of the most important native coffee gene banks in the world. In recent years, Geisha or Gesha becomes an attractive kind of coffee bean among Yirgacheffe, because it is grown from American area instead of origin African area, and it still contains the flavour of floral and fruity. You may find that there are different planting countries following the name of Yirgacheffe in the coffee package, what you need to notice is the level A or B, which stands for ‘having Yirgacheffe flavour’ and ‘lacking Yirgacheffe flavour’ respectively. Besides, since there are two main processing method of coffee bean- washed and unwashed, you can also choose the coffee bean depending on your preference. For washed beans, you can choose either light roasting or medium roasting if you want to have floral smell and fruit acid; you can choose medium roasting if you want to have stronger sweet taste and accept less floral smell or less fruit acid. For unwashed beans, it will contain all of advantages mentioned above and with more fruity smell and less fruit acid at the same time.

Next, we would recommend Sumatra Mandheling, the name of ‘Mandheling’ comes from the local race, and this is coffee bean usually roasted with medium roasting or dark roasting. Its body is mellow and creamy, and you will feel a chocolate-like taste with a bit of sweetness and almost no acidity. Some people said that Mandheling is a bridge between espresso coffee and speciality coffee, and it contains smell of wooden and spice that is different from those with floral smell. You will definitely like it if you prefer strong-flavour coffee.

Today, we basically gives you a general introduction from storage of coffee, the type of coffee and two typical flavour of speciality coffee. Hope you enjoy reading this passage and we will talk about some more knowledge on storage of coffee and the concept of ‘resting’.

The value of one way valve and storage of coffee bean

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Originally published 01 Jun 2019, updated 01 Jun 2019.


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