toilet coffee shops coffee valve

toilet coffee shops coffee valve

coffee valve would like to tell you coffee,has experienced a long history,with this long-term development,not only coffee,but coffee shops were changed and innovated again and again.Recently years,coffee shop’s owners pay more and more attention on designing their coffee shops,so more and more special coffee shops appeared in our eyes.What’s more is some coffee shops are designed with the topic of toilet,what a shocking thing!It’s hard to image delicious food is related to the toilet that is unbearable.

Firstly,a coffee shop named Attendant Cafe was opened in London In 2013,but what is unexpected is that the coffee shop is reconstructed from a old toilet that was abandoned.More surprisingly,the coffee shop was very popular and did very good business.The bad smell toilet became the creative coffee shop full of coffee aroma,was simply begin with a create.

Human’s creative power should not be neglected.Recently,an international interesting news about coffee shop catch people’s eyes.This is a toilet coffee shop located in California of America,it is said that it’s the first coffee shop with topic of toilet in America.The color of coffee shop is bright,the plates,cups, menus and stools even the food are designed according to the topic of the coffee shop.Most obviously,we can see the chairs look like a real closestool,but it just a chair,if you want to go to stool,you have to find the real toilet.

Except British and America,there also many toilet coffee shops in other countries or regions such as Tiawan and Korea.I think it’s too heavy taste to make the connection between coffee and toilet,I can’t stand it although I love coffee so much.But many heavy taste customers is curious about and think highly of the daring and creative design.In fact,the subjects in the coffee shop is very cute,so they do not use the sick jokes to catch customers’ eyes.The owners take a big adventure and spend so much time and energy designing their coffees shops,maybe they just want the let people know that ugly thing also have it’s beautiful side.

Anyway,no matter how the coffee shops change,mo matter what topic they use,what’s the important thing is they would always try their best to provide customers delicious coffee and high quality service.Importantly,coffee lovers can not resist the charm of coffee.

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