troubles caused by one way degassing valve to packaging machinery enterprises

24 May 2018

Nowadays, more and more coffee lovers believe that if a coffee bag is not equipped with a one way degassing valve, the coffee beans or the coffee powder will lose its freshness. Although the coffee is freshly baked, if there is no air valve on the bag, the beans or the powder will be oxidized and go bad soon. Influenced by foreign coffee lovers, many countrymen have improved the requirement of coffee bag. They propose “The coffee bag should be equipped with one-way degassing valve, or else, they will not purchase it”. However, as an emerging product, one-way degassing valve is different from vacuum package or nitrogen filled packaging. Many packing plants and machinery factory feel out of their way upon this little miniature plastic.

First, the problem is, although people have found the factory which can produce one-way degassing valve, is it hard to install a machine to hot press it. There is no way to heat-seal a one-way degassing valve into a coffee craft paper bag or a coffee aluminum bag. In addition, they have to find another factory to install the pressing machine. In the whole process, it not only take a long time, but it is more likely that the machine is not a professional, special machine for heat-sealed degassing valve which lead to the mismatch between the machine and the valve, so the effect of pressing valve is poor or it can’t successfully press the valve.

Second, even if we have found the integrated production packaging machinery enterprises, as there are too many types of one-way degassing valve, faced with so many choices, the packaging factory which has just come into contact with the micro-plastic, can’t make a favorable decision quickly.Because of the lack of understanding to one-way degassing valve, many packing plants and machinery plants buy the one-way degassing valve randomly and install the valve for coffee beans to the coffee powder package. As a result, even if the one-way degassing valve is installed on the coffee powder packaging bag, the exhaust effect is dissatisfactory and it causes a great loss.

In addition, many bad sellers in the market will cheat on the manufacture of one-way degassing valve, in order to make super profit. This kind of one-way degassing is cheap and it can attract the packaging machinery enterprises which want to shrink the cost. Although they have the same appearance as good-quality valve, the result of buying low price degassing valve is only that reap what they has sown.Because of the poor-quality and low-price exhaust valve, the valve has no way to achieve the function of one-way exhaust. Not only the inside products will be oxidized and go bad because of touching the outside air, but also the gas can’t be discharged from the package, resulting in the explosion.

Facing with these problems, ShundeWojin plastic production factory can solve the problems perfectly. Wojin plastic factory is specialized in semi-automatic and automatic press machine for exhaust valve, which have model VM01, model VM02 and model VM04. All three press machine are simple operation. Different types of valve press machine have different speed of valve so that they can meet the need of efficiency of valve press for large and medium sized packaging machinery factory.

Apart from the production of one-way degassing valve press machine, Wojin plastic factory is also specialized in producing one-way degassing valve. There are two major types of this valve. One is exhaust valve with filter which is applied to powder articles like coffee powder and fermented fodder. The other is exhaust without filter which is applied to granular articles like coffee beans or other large items.

In terms of quality, one-way degassing valve of ShundeWojin plastic production factory is made from imported raw material in United States which is totally reliable. More importantly, it has been approved by food grade inspection report of the third party authority and the materials are complied with the EU ROHS test standards. We produce the valve in strict accordance with FDA food packaging material requirements, so the coffee producer can rest assured to use it.

troubles caused by one way degassing valve to packaging machinery enterprises

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Originally published 24 May 2018, updated 24 May 2018.


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