What does a well-designed coffee exhaust valve mean to a barista

28 Sep 2019

There are quite a few professional competitions among the coffee industry, for me, they are all for better internal communication and fun, obviously. Those coffee competitions contribute on making the whole industrial environment develop in a higher level. For the barista, it is necessary to make sure the coffee exhaust valve works efficiently before they open the bag before the start of championship. No one wants to suffer failures from a failing exhaust valve, which will definitely affect on the competition.

1. WBC- World Barista Championship

This is a competition hold by the World Coffee Events, every participant is required to make 16 cups of coffee in 15 minutes. They are 4 espresso, 4 cappuccino and 4 creative coffee within the base of espresso.

The marking criteria includes the use of coffee machine, match of coffee beans, skills on making coffee, the flavour and appearance of coffee and the creativity of creative coffee. Usually there will be five rounds in total.

-Regional competition in each country

-National competition between the champion from each region

-Multinational competition between the champion from each country

-12 participants who win in the first round of multinational competition will enter into semi final

-6 of winners will enter into the final, final champion will be announced after

2. WLAC- World Latte Art Championship

This is also a competition hold by the World Coffee Events, every participant is required to make 6 cups of coffee in limited time. They are 2 cups of the same latte or macchiato, 2 cups of the same macchiato espresso and 2 cups of coffee with the base of milk and coffee. The final two cups of coffee can be decorated by any tools or decorations. Some common forms in the competition are the combination of swan and leaves or tulip.

The marking criteria includes the performance environment, the flavour of coffee and the whole process of performance. Since that serving coffee is part of the third industry, which requires a well-presented experience.

3. WCRC-World Coffee Roasting Championship

The participant will be examined by three following aspects: grade on raw coffee bean; the most suitable roasting curve of certain coffee bean and the final product. The coffee bean will be used to do cupping by the judge for final marks.

4. WCTC-World Cup Tasters Championship

This is a competition including examining participants` skills on describing coffee flavour and customer service, while the coffee flavour is important to control at the same time.

What does a well-designed coffee exhaust valve mean to a barista

5. The Cezve/Ibrik Championship

The Cezve/Ibrik is the tool for making Turkish coffee, this competition is held by the World Coffee Events. This competition is not only presenting the way that Turkish make coffee, but also introducing this old-school coffee brewing method to the world. It encouraged the participant to make his/her own Cezve/Ibrik in order to present more traditional during the match.

6. WBrC- World Brewers Cup

Participant is allowed to choose one brew tool to make three different kinds of coffee for the judge. Both of brewing process and the extent of service process are both included in the marking criteria. The essence of the competition is to get baristas back to their roots and make a high-quality black coffee for their customers.

The only experience I have ever had on watching coffee competition in person was when I was in Glasgow. It was during the 2018 Glasgow Coffee Festival. The UK Brewers Cup final by the Speciality Coffee Association was held as part of the activity at the festival. Baristas from around the UK would have 7 minutes to brew three coffees for the judging panel. The atmosphere at that moment was extremely rich surrounding by bunch of coffee lovers.

What does a well-designed coffee exhaust valve mean to a barista

By talking about the coffee festival, I was really enjoyed in exploring the coffee world through such event. There will be some talks from coffee suppliers or cafés, several rounds of cuppings are held irregularly, and quite a few of company will have a chance to present. Usually, a regional coffee festival can definitely attract local café to attend alongside with relevant product including food and milk. Different kinds of coffee beans will be introduced and presented to both of café and consumer. I even saw a stand for clay pot which can be made for coffee cup. Also, in the Glasgow coffee festival, the customer get a chance to see more about the famous coffee machine brand--La Marzocco.

Whatever you are an experienced barista/coffee lover or those who just start their journey on coffee like me, I would highly recommend you watch some competitions and try to attend some coffee festivals with nice reputation—remember to talk to your barista before and after your order. I find it always enjoyable to communicate with professional person who can share different descriptions of coffee flavour while with various conditions of brewing process.

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Originally published 28 Sep 2019, updated 28 Sep 2019.


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