What is a degassing valve

08 Apr 2020

Do you know that the 3 major native coffee varieties in the world are Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica. These 3 high-quality coffee beans have over 800 aroma components. Experiments have shown that freshly roasted coffee is very sensitive to oxygen. Without the protection of a one way degassing valve, many aroma components of coffee are lost, and its flavor can only be stored for 4 to 6 weeks. So, here is the question, what exactly is the coffee degassing valve? How does it work?

Coffee degassing valve is a packaging accessory on coffee bags, which is also called one-way degassing valve. The one-way degassing valve is usually used on coffee bags and fermented feed bags. Coffee will generate a large amount of carbon dioxide during roasting. The long-term accumulation of gas in the bag will affect the quality of coffee and easily break the bag. The function is to exhaust the gas in the bag in time and to stop the air from entering the bag from outside, thereby protecting the product fresh.

After the coffee is being processed, people will immediately seal the packaging with coffee bags. However, freshly roasted coffee can produce up to 6 liters of roasting gas per kilogram, which can swell or even rupture airtight bags. For this reason, the coffee will be left for a while before packaging until the roasting gas escapes. However, this results in additional costs and the freshly roasted coffee quickly loses its aroma due to the oxidation of the coffee. Therefore, by using the coffee one-way degassing valve, the coffee can be packaged immediately after the roasting process, which can retain the full fresh aroma. The roasting gas and a part of the accumulated oxygen can escape from the degassing valve in the packaging bag while the oxygen cannot enter the coffee bag. The packaging will keep its shape without expansion, and the coffee stays as fresh as the day of roasting.

What is a degassing valve

So how do we press the degassing valve on our food packaging bag? WOJIN semi-automatic degassing valve machine can help you solve this problem. The one-way degassing valve can be hot pressed to the bag and realize the function of punching at the same time through hot pressing and pneumatic technology by using our degassing valve machine. That is a simple operation with high efficiency. The staff can use petals to complete this bonding process.

What is a degassing valve

The external patch degassing valve can also play a role in storing coffee beans, cat food and dog food. The use of a patch degassing valve reduces the steps of packaging typically required when using a traditional degassing valve. Instead of the need for heat sealing, that is ready-to-use. This simplifies the packaging process and is especially suitable for family use.

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Originally published 08 Apr 2020, updated 08 Apr 2020.


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