What is coffee packaged

05 Jun 2020

"Life is sometimes sour and sometimes irritating, and coffee is our most perfect spiritual healing." Coffee is increasingly becoming a part of our lives. It is not just an ordinary drink, but an attitude towards life. From instant coffee to Starbucks, more and more people are accustomed to drinking coffee. People started to learn about specialty coffee while hand-pour tools are cheap and convenient. So, people can try a variety of beans, more and more Coffee lovers are willing to brew their own coffee beans. There are many figures on the packaging of each coffee, many people are not clear about the meaning of it, and they will not judge the quality of coffee beans through these figures. Today, Wojin Valve will explain the knowledge about coffee packaging to you.

one way degassing valve

I believe everyone usually notices that some coffee packages have a transparent or white valve. In fact, this is a coffee exhaust valve, also known as a one-way degassing valve. Vacuum-packed coffee beans are usually imported and need to be stored for a long time. Even the beans are evacuated in time, the taste of the coffee will still lose from different extents due to the continuous carbon dioxide released from roasted coffee beans. That would cause the vacuum packaging becomes non-vacuumed shortly. Therefore, the coffee packaging on the market is commonly equipped with a one-way degassing valve. Its function is to prevent the outside air from entering, while discharge the gas inside in time, so it can greatly reduce the oxidation of coffee beans to retain its flavor. Wojin had spent more than 7 years in developing the one-way degassing valve and committed to retaining the most original flavor of coffee beans.

Production history

The packaging of coffee beans generally has a clear indication of the country, region, production unit and even the exact time of harvest. You can choose a specific production area or even a coffee estate according to your preferences. Generally, coffee fans care about these. Each package of qualified coffee beans will have corresponding product certifications, such as production areas, washing plants, coffee estates, processing units and production batch numbers, which are the guarantee of the quality of coffee beans.

Roasting date

Roasting date is another important element indicator. Each brewing method of coffee beans corresponds to a different optimal time period. For instance, the best choice is the beans that have been roasted before 5 days if we want to brew with slow extraction. If you want to make expresso, you should choose those beans roasted at least before one week, or the best period should be before 15 days. Each package of roasted coffee bean has different roasting levels, different production areas, and different processing methods, so the best brewing method is also different. The packaging of each coffee beans will also indicate with the best brewing method such as high-pressure or hand-drip.

Expiration date

This generally does not refer to the shelf life, but the best tasting period for coffee beans. Due to different storage conditions, you should not simply throw away the coffee beans when you find that expiration date has passed. Instead, you can taste the coffee in order to know whether the flavor has lost. Usually, the packaging with one-way degassing valve would retain the freshness of coffee beans for a long time period. Therefore, we should try to select the coffee packaging with one-way degassing valve to keep the best flavor of the coffee.

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Originally published 05 Jun 2020, updated 05 Jun 2020.


How do you keep coffee fresh after opening

10 Jul 2020

Remember to seal the packaging bag after taking some coffee out, so the one-way degassing valve would finish its job to keep the freshness of product.

Does ground coffee need to breathe

03 Jul 2020

Roasted coffee cannot be put directly into a sealed package, because the coffee need to "breathe", that is, the carbon dioxide gas will be released.

Why do coffee packs have an aroma hole if it is recommended to store coffee in an air tight container

26 Jun 2020

This is a hole punched before installing the degassing valve, which purpose is to discharge the CO2 released and avoid the oxidation of coffee.