What is That Hole in Your Coffee Bag

18 Jun 2020

Do you learn about the source of the taste of coffee before brewing and tasting coffee? Actually, the taste of coffee generally includes smell, taste and texture. There are as many as 18 kinds of coffee smells investigated today: animal, soot, burnt, chemical, chocolate, caramel, roasted sweet potato, earthy, flowery, fruity, grassy and vegetable, almond, sour, rubber flavor, spicy, tobacco flavor, winery, woody. The most basic flavors are sour, bitter, and sweet. Sour is one of the basic tastes of coffee, caused by organic fruit acids, citric acid, malic acid and so on. Then the bitter taste in coffee caused by caffeine, quinine and alkaloids, which is another basic taste of coffee. Good coffee usually has a certain degree of bitterness. The sucrose and fructose in coffee contribute to the sweetness of coffee, which is one of the aspects that describe the flavor of coffee. By containing such a unique flavor, it is not only because of the use of excellent coffee bean as the material, but also a well packaging to store roasted coffee bean. So, what kind of coffee packaging can store our coffee and make our coffee beans maintain the original flavor for a long time? Do you have a question mark when you see different coffee packaging bag when you buy coffee in the market? Especially most of the packaging bag contains a small hole, and how come the one way degassing valve is installed on the hole? Also, how come this packaging bag within a degassing valve would help to maintain the freshness of coffee?

It is the most important thing for coffee producers to ensure that the aroma of coffee is not affected before use. In response to this problem, they cooperate with packaging equipment manufacturers and continue to design new equipment to meet the needs of different packaging. Nowadays in the coffee packaging industry, most of the manufacturers will choose a bag with a one-way degassing valve to store coffee beans or other food. So, how much do you know about the one-way degassing valve? The coffee degassing valve is a packaging accessory on the coffee bag, also called one-way degassing valve. One-way degassing valve is usually used for coffee or fermented feed. Because coffee will produce a lot of carbon dioxide after the roasting process, the long-term accumulation of gas in the bag will affect the quality of the coffee and it is easy to burst the bag. The function of the one-way degassing valve is to exhaust the gas in the bag and isolate the air from entering the bag, therefore, to keep products fresh. The process of discharging carbon dioxide from a coffee bag without allowing air to enter is called degassing. At the same time, the degassing valve needs to be punched to complete the degassing work, that`s the reason that we can find one or more holes in our coffee bag.

So how do we press the degassing valve on our food packaging bags? The semi-automatic degassing valve machine from Wojin helps you solving this problem. As long as it cooperates with our degassing valve machine, we can press the one-way degassing valve onto the bag and achieve the function of punching through hot pressing and pneumatic technology. The operation is simple and efficient, and the process can be completed by the foot pedal, which is suitable for packaging manufacturers. The external patch degassing valve can also have the same function. The application of patch degassing valve can reduce the complicated steps required when using traditional degassing valve. Instead of heat sealing, you only need to poke the hole manually. This easy choice is friendly to family-use. Two types of degassing valve will need to be installed by punching, and they both satisfy different needs from our customers.

What is That Hole in Your Coffee Bag

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Originally published 18 Jun 2020, updated 18 Jun 2020.


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