why one way degassing valve is important

why one way degassing valve is important

Few people know one way degassing valve ,most people even have never heard it.

What is one way degassing valve?

One way degassing valve is a small plastic product looks like a fastener,it is designed for packaging bag that used to store the goods that would produce gas.One way degassing valve allows the CO2 escape from the bag while prevent the air enter the bag,so the goods can be avoided to be oxidized,and it can be kept in high quality.Nowadays,the one way degassing valve is widely used in coffee packaging and fermented feed packaging.

Why these goods that would produce gas need a one way degassing valve to keep its quality?

Let’s explain to you why one way degassing valve is so important to the gas produced goods.For example,coffee.Coffee bean would lost its flavor and aroma after coming out of the roaster because it would release lost of CO2 and connect with the oxygen.The aroma would escape with CO2,and the coffee bean would be oxidized when it connected to the oxygen,then the coffee would go steal in a short time,so the coffee would be tasteless.In general,coffee roasted in different degree would lose its flavor and aroma in different time.As usual,light roast coffee bean would release lots of CO2 in 30 days while medium roast coffee bean in 15 days and the bakery depth coffee bean in 7 days.So,how to keep the coffee bean away from the CO2 is very important to keep it fresh.In a conclusion,the CO2 and the oxygen is two main destroyers who make coffee bean go steal and no longer fresh.How to solve this problem,how to keep coffee fresh?The answer is one way degassing valve.One way degassing valve is designed for solving this question,venting the CO2 away while prevent the air enter the packaging bag,it has very obviously effect.If apply the one way degassing to the coffee packaging,the coffee bean would be kept its original taste for one year.

In addiction to coffee,fermented feed has the same situation.Fermented feed is synthetic combine with a variety of chemical substances,so there are some chemical reaction that would produce lots of gas,these gas would be release naturally in one to two weeks after the fermented feed is made.If this problem is regarded,the packaging bag would be full of gas,it will be inflated even explode.For the fermented feed,it would be moldy and go steal,it’s bad for animals’ heath.Therefor,one way degassing valve can effectively to solve this problem.Place the one way degassing valve in the packaging bag,the fermented feed could be kept in high quality for a longer time.

Coffee valve just is a small plastic production,but it has a big effect.One way degassing valve to packaging of air produced goods is what fastener to clothes,plays an important role to ensure their quality.In a words,one way degassing valve is an indispensable partner of coffee packaging and fermented feed packaging.

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