Why use a coffee freshness valve

25 May 2020

For coffee, "hand punch" and "fresh grinding" have become a benchmark for giving up on the instant coffee, however, "freshness" is a more avant-garde concept than the first two. What exactly does fresh coffee mean? How should it be defined? Ai Shenjia believes that the combination of fresh raw coffee beans, fresh roasting and proper preservation can create a cup of real fresh and good coffee. The biggest enemies of beans are air, moisture, heat and sunlight. What is the difference between the fresh coffee and stale coffee? Poor coffee is not only bland in taste, but bitter in taste, with a smell of oil oxidation. If the storage condition is not good, it may even produce the ochratoxin, which is harmful to human health. Therefore, "freshness" is so important for coffee, so how do we preserve our coffee properly?

First of all, in order to retain the fresh roasted flavor of coffee for as long as possible, Wojin Valve recommends that you store them in an opaque, airtight container or coffee bag at room temperature, but you should avoid using transparent jars, otherwise the sunlight can damage the taste of coffee. Secondly, we should purchase the right amount of coffee, and try not to have too much at once. Because the coffee beans will continuously emit carbon dioxide after roasting, direct exposure to the air will almost make them completely lose the freshness. You can try to buy small amount of freshly roasted coffee frequently which will be enough for one to two weeks. The last and most important point is that we need to use a bag or jar with a coffee valve to store the coffee. Why do we have to choose a coffee freshness valve?

Keep coffee fresh

The most important role of the one-way degassing valve is to protect the freshness of food. Coffee freshness valve also called one-way degassing valve. Currently, there are two types of coffee degassing valves on the market, one is an external coffee freshness, which needs to be manually sticked on the packaging bag, and the other is an internal freshness valve, which needs to be hot pressed by a valve machine. The internal coffee freshness valve can be divided into the one with and without the filter net. The no-filter one is suitable for granular items such as coffee beans, while the with-filter one is suitable for coffee powder, flour, coffee beans and other granular and powdered items. The degassing valve with filter can effectively prevent the powder from spraying out of the bag and causing pollution by filtering the powder in the packaging bag. After roasting, the ingredient in the coffee bean will produce a series of chemical and physical reactions, and some gas will be generated during the reaction. The coffee bag will be filled with gas if the coffee bag is not equipped with a coffee freshness valve, which will be easy to expand and burst, and that will seriously affect the flavor of coffee beans. To achieve the goal to keep the coffee fresh, the coffee freshness valve can exhaust the gas in the bag while prevent the external air from entering into the bag.

Prevent swelling bag from breaking

The impact resistance of the plastic packaging bag is improved; when the packaging bag full of goods is transported or dropped from a high position, the internal air can be discharged from the one-way degassing valve, thereby reducing the shock wave generated by the residual air in the bag, which will reduce or prevent the bag from bursting. At the same time, we can feel more convenient when buying coffee by having the one-way degassing valve on the packaging bag -- As long as you squeeze the bag, you can smell the coffee, so you can choose your favorite coffee.

Why use a coffee freshness valve

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Originally published 25 May 2020, updated 25 May 2020.


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