Why Use a Degassing Valve

12 Apr 2020

How do we maintain the maximum freshness of coffee beans? The WOJIN degassing valve tells you the answer is to use a coffee one-way degassing valve. What is the effect of one-way degassing valve on coffee? Why do we need a one way degassing valve? Next, let us share with you.

When you taste a cup of rich coffee, do you want to know how this coffee is made and why it has such a strong aroma. In fact, we cannot drink such delicious coffee without the credit of the "coffee degassing valve".

So, what exactly is a coffee degassing valve and why is it important for coffee? Next, let the WOJIN valve tells you. Generally, fresh coffee beans need to undergo a roasting process after being collected. At this time, the roasted coffee beans will release carbon dioxide gas, especially the deep roasted coffee beans, the exhaust will be quite strong. People used to put roasted coffee beans directly into the bag. In fact, no matter before or after roasting, the coffee beans will not stop releasing carbon dioxide, so the bag will slowly bulge over time, like a slowly inflated balloon. Many tests have shown that such inert gas exists in the bag will end up lose the freshness of the coffee, and greatly lessen the quality of coffee beans, which will affect the taste of coffee brewing. With this preservation method, it will "waste" its deliciousness even if you use the finest quality coffee beans.

Now, we have developed a coffee degassing valve. The coffee degassing valve is a packaging accessory on the coffee bag, which is hot-pressed by a valve pressing machine to the coffee bag. Next, someone asked why it is "one-way" rather than two-way. This is because the function of the coffee degassing valve is to discharge the carbon dioxide gas released from the coffee beans in the bag, and to isolate the air outside the coffee bag from entering the bag. Therefore, it is a one-way exhaust process. This "magic" accessory can effectively prevent coffee bags from bulging, bursting, and coffee beans from oxidizing and getting wet, ensuring that the flavor of the coffee does not change.

However, there are more and more kinds of one-way degassing valves on the market, different quality of degassing valve also can be found gradually. These low-quality degassing valve not only exhaust internal gas to outside, but also let oxygen from the outside will enter the coffee bag, which cannot effectively prevent oxygen from affecting the coffee beans. As soon as oxygen comes into contact with coffee beans, it begins to age and its freshness decreases. WOJIN's high-quality degassing valve is developed with 7 years of research and development process, which makes it have the consistent quality and able to bring the best coffee experience for coffee lovers. As long as we use the Wojin pressure valve machine, we can easily press the degassing valve onto the bag, and then load the first-class coffee beans into it to maintain the best freshness of the coffee beans for a long time.

If you are a professional coffee lover, please give coffee a "home", a "home" that can breathe freely. Because just like you, coffee beans need to breathe. WOJIN's coffee aluminum foil bag and one-way degassing valve, combining with our valve pressing machine, can form this "home" and give coffee beans vitality!

Why Use a Degassing Valve

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Originally published 12 Apr 2020, updated 12 Apr 2020.


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