wojin coffee valve company introduction

13 Mar 2015

Wojin Coffee Valve(one-way degassing valve)Company.We are the only one factory that focus on producing the one-way degassing valve.

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Originally published 13 Mar 2015, updated 13 Mar 2015.


The Knowledge Inside The Coffee Packaging

10 Aug 2020

Take the coffee bean as an example, the steps from plant, pick, roast, are all connected , without the one-way valve usually make the coffee less fresh.

How Does a Coffee Bag One-Way Air-Valve Work Two

02 Aug 2020

The external oxygen will be stopped from entering the bag, so that the package is in a working state, thereby protecting the freshness of the food in the bag.

How do you store coffee long term

25 Jul 2020

When storing the coffee, we need to avoid light and heat, and keep it in a dry environment, we then need to use coffee packaging bags with coffee valves.