Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator VM-01

Product Name: Semi-automatic Valve Applicator

Model: VM-01

Brand: WOJIN

Manufacturer: Wojin Plastic Product Factory

Material: 304 stainless steel

Color: silver

Weight: 10kg

Price: $ 633


Product Description

This Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator VMO1 is made of 304 stainless steel tube,displayed by the digital modulator,control the temperature is stable and reliable,time relay control compression time,precision under pressure,with a foot switch to facilitate hand operation fit for use by small air compressor required.Is free to transfer to another of different types of products needed to die,occupies a small area.With wide range of uses coffee packing, it is ideal for one-way degassing valve sticking pressure.

1.Guarantee: Semi-Autumn Valve Applicator One year warranty against defective parts and workmanship.


Good for any color of pouches, clear. solid, silver, gold or multi colors.

Spring loaded of valve sealing head to prevent damaging foil layer.

Good for large or small size of valves available in the market, Wipf, Pacific Bag, Fres-co, Sig and ICA.

Good for pre-made pouches with multi layers of polyester and sealant with or without aluminum foil bags.


Machine speed: 75 to 100 Strokes / Min

Max distance valve from top of pouch: 6 (150 mm)

Overall dimension: 710mm ( W ) X 550mm ( D ) X 900mm ( H )

Net weight: 10kgs

Power requirement: 110v or 220v, 50 or 60 Hz

Minimum bag size: 38mm wide with 50mm side gussetr


MEAS: 710*560*250mm

Gross weight: 20kgs

Pack by: wooden box

Air Compressor (auxiliary equipment need)

Air Compressor Type: up to 0.3Mpa


"this model with a table, it is very convenient to work."

---Satria Medio Nova---

"the valve applicator is stable when our used, it is good for our product."

---Albert Sadykov---


Semi-automatic Valve Applicator

Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator VM-01


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